parasailing is one the most popular water sports adventures in Virginia Beach. There is a colorful parasail in the sky with two people in there

Water Sports Adventures in Virginia Beach 2024

From the thrill of jet skiing to the tranquil paddleboarding sessions, Virginia Beach has diverse watersport activities promising an adventure.If the idea of exploring waterways and marshes piques your interest, try out kayaking. And for those who crave speed, jet skiing is an adrenaline-pumping experience.

How about flying over the ocean by parasailing or harnessing the wind for windsurfing or kiteboarding? For anglers, fishing charters offer a chance to reel in a memorable catch, while dolphin tours provide encounters with marine life.

Sailing enthusiasts can navigate the waters and scuba diving features an underwater world with all varieties of fish, mammals, seashells, and sea anemones.

Surfing in Virginia Beach

Whether you’re a professional surfer or a beginner in the world of surfing, Virginia Beach offers a thrilling adventure.

Go to Sandbridge Beach, known for its waves and calm atmosphere. If you’re a beginner, sign up for a lesson with one of the local surf schools. It is a good way to get the basics down and build your confidence. The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is an ideal spot for more advanced surfers to find the best waves.

Here are a few tips for beginners and professionals new to Virginia Beach waters:
When gearing up for your surfing session, keep an eye on the tide and swell (wave) conditions. Early mornings often bring the best waves, and the quieter weekdays mean more space to ride. Most importantly, bring items such as surfboard wax, a wetsuit, and sunscreen.

someone walking to the waves in virginia beach to surf. it is at sunset and she is wearing a long sleeve bathing suit. this is one of the best Water Sports Adventures in Virginia Beach.


One excellent location for this watersport is the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. This place offers a chance to paddle through peaceful waters, surrounded by nature. Look out for local wildlife – there’s a chance to glimpse herons or dolphins.

To find a more urban adventure, go to the Lynnhaven River. The river’s tidal waters provide a unique experience, with opportunities to explore marshes and spot different bird species.

Beginners can take a guided tour, while experienced kayakers can be on their own, discovering the city’s waterways at their own pace. Just remember to wear a life jacket, and bring water and sunscreen.

four people kayaking in the river in Virginia Beach. the kayaks are all different colors and the sky is clear and blue. There are green trees in the back round and it looks like spring.

Jet Skiing

The Atlantic provides the perfect water for jet skiing for all skill types. Rentals can be found at the oceanfront and it is recommended that beginners sign up for lessons to learn how to use a jet ski safely.

The time of day can be key to having a safe but exciting ride. The early morning hours offer calmer waters, making it an ideal time for beginners to get comfortable on the jet ski. Remember to follow safety guidelines and wear a life jacket.


The Virginia Beach Oceanfront creates an ideal environment for windsurfing with steady winds daily. There are schools in the area offering lessons to beginners and windsurfing gear can be rented from the various stores along the coast.

A Few Tips:

  • Early mornings often bring the best wind conditions.
  • Balance is key in windsurfing, so keep the knees slightly bent.
  • As you ride the waves and master the art of maneuvering the windsurf board, you’ll discover the excitement that comes with windsurfing in Virginia Beach.


Kiteboarding is a thrilling water adventure that combines surfing and flying a kite. Proper equipment can be rented from one of the many beachside outfitters.

If you’re new to this watersport, book a lesson with a local professional. When it comes to controlling the board’s sail, it is important to bend your knees and have a strong grip when kiteboarding to have control against the wind. Although, they’ll ensure you’re ready to head out into the water and utilize the sport’s skills. By mastering the techniques of kiteboarding, you’ll be riding the waves with ease in no time.

Fishing Charters

Fishing charters are an opportunity to explore the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Beach has a charter to match any angler’s style. Check out local charters, for example, Rudee Inlet Fishing Charters or Knot Wish’n Custom Charters, for a variety of fishing experiences.

However, before heading out into the world of charters, it’s important to consider the season and the ideal catch. Summer brings out marlin and tuna, while fall and spring offer excellent opportunities for striped bass and flounder. Most charters provide all the gear you’ll need, but it’s a good idea to bring snacks, sunscreen, and other essentials.

Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding is another adventure in Virginia Beach for both novices and experts.

Grab a paddleboard rental from one of the local outfitters and head to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. If you’re up for a more dynamic experience, take your board to the Virginia Beach oceanfront. If you are a beginner, consider taking a paddleboarding lesson to learn the basics of the sport. With the knowledge of the proper techniques and safety tips, it will make your experience more enjoyable.

One Tip: Remember to choose the right size board for your skill level, and the essentials, a good paddle and board with an attached leash to keep your board close

two people out in the water in Virginia Beach paddle boarding and kayaking. the sky is blue with a few clouds and you can see Virginia Beach in the back round.

Dolphin Tours

This activity is the perfect experience to spot dolphins and other marine life.

Sign up for one of the many dolphin tours at Rudee Inlet and set sail for a unique aquatic experience. These tours offer the chance to witness dolphins jumping alongside the boat. It’s a marine spectacle that’ll give you the chance to have up-close encounters and capture photos.

Important Tips:

  • To enhance your chances of seeing these creatures, consider morning or afternoon tours when dolphins are the most active.
  • Bring sunscreen, binoculars, and a light jacket in case it is breezy.


Virginia Beach provides excellent parasailing opportunities, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful Atlantic.

To make the most of your experience, consider booking a package that includes both jet skiing and parasailing. Many local outfitters offer combined deals, allowing you to easily transition from jet skiing to parasailing.

So, rev up those jet skis and then let the wind carry you to new heights!

one of the best Water Sports Adventures in Virginia Beach is parasailing. here two people are up in the sky over the blue water with waves coming from the boat.


For those wishing to sail, the Chesapeake Bay is the perfect location. Charter a sailboat and glide through the bay’s gentle waves. For novice sailors, many local outfitters offer sailing lessons, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the sport.

Quick Tip: The ideal time to sail is during the sunset when the water is mostly vacant of other boats and also offers a beautiful view.


The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is an ideal starting point for this activity. It is a good spot for beginners and professionals. For a more dynamic experience, venture into the rivers that flow through Virginia Beach. The Lynnhaven River offers a mix of calm waters and a chance to explore the diverse ecosystems nearby.

Remember to check the weather conditions and wear appropriate clothing, such as a hat, sunscreen, and water-resistant gear, which can make your canoeing trip more enjoyable.


As you wrap up your water-filled adventure in Virginia Beach, the possibilities for aquatic fun seem endless. From the rush of jet skiing to the serenity of paddleboarding, each water sport promises a unique experience. Virginia Beach caters to every aquatic whim.

Virginia Beach has proven to be the best place for watersports, inviting you to dive in and create lasting memories.