a beautiful kitchen in Virginia Beach luxury homes with white walls, and gold accents and a big over for cooking

Current Virginia Beach Luxury Homes + Need to know about Owning Luxury 2023

Virginia Beach luxury homes come in all shapes and sizes. As seasoned real estate professionals in this coastal city, we have had the privilege of helping countless clients find their dream homes amidst the exclusive neighborhoods that dot the shoreline.

Virginia Beach is more than just a premier vacation destination—it’s a place where you can live the vacation, relishing in oceanfront living or at the prestige of our high-end golf communities in Virginia Beach. Our luxury Virginia Beach oceanfront homes offer a unique blend of opulence and comfort, from sprawling estates with private docks to modern masterpieces with state-of-the-art amenities.

Here we’ll explore the distinct charm of Virginia Beach’s luxury real estate market, with an inside scoop into popular neighborhoods, understanding the grand investment benefits, and demystifying the cost and financing options. Whether you’re an aspiring homeowner or an investor seeking rewarding opportunities, let’s start on this journey into Virginia Beach luxury homes together.

Welcome home to the pinnacle of coastal living where they are more luxury waterfront homes for sale in Virginia than anywhere else in the commonwealth.

The Current Luxury Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach VA

There are always plenty of luxury homes for sale in Virginia Beach. Find magnificent waterfront property at the Virginia Beach oceanfront in North End or the highly desirable Croatan neighborhood. There is also the beautiful Chesapeake Bay colony neighborhood with luxury living. And we can’t forget to mention the amazing high rise condos in Virginia Beach.

What is Considered a Luxury Home in Virginia?

A luxury home in Virginia is considered to be a property that stands out from others due to its various high-end features and amenities. Here are some key characteristics that typically define Virginia Beach luxury homes:

Location: Virginia Beach luxury real estate is often located in highly desirable areas, such as ocean front properties, homes with stunning views, or properties in prestigious neighborhoods. Proximity to luxury amenities, like high-end shopping, dining, and schools, can also contribute to a home’s luxury status.

Quality of Construction and Design: Luxury homes in Virginia Beach are built with high-quality materials, new construction, and superior artisan craftsmanship. The architectural design is often unique and custom-made, with a strong emphasis on aesthetics.

Size: While size isn’t the only defining factor, luxury homes often provide ample space, including multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, large living areas, and spacious outdoor spaces.

Amenities: VB Luxury homes often come with high-end amenities that aren’t typically found in standard homes. These may include gourmet chef kitchens, spa bathrooms, wine cellars, smart home technology already installed, and outdoor custom landscape and pool design.

Price: Generally Virginia Beach luxury homes are the most expensive properties in their market. The price not only reflects the home itself but also the exclusivity of its location and the lifestyle it offers.

Privacy: Many luxury homeowners value privacy, so luxury properties often feature elements like gated entrances, high walls or hedges, and expansive grounds that separate them from neighbors.

Let’s get started with your dream of owning one of the Virginia Beach Luxury Homes!

There are so many Virginia Beach neighborhoods to pick from, over 100, but these are a few of our favorites that always have luxury homes for sale in Virginia Beach VA. Read through and find a desirable neighborhood for you and your family.

Sandbridge Beach: There are always luxurious homes for sale in Sandbridge Beach. Review our neighborhood guide and learn why so many love calling Sandbridge home.

Alanton: This neighborhood is known for its waterfront homes with private docks for convenient access to deep water and breathtaking views of Linkhorn Bay.

Broad Bay Point Greens: This golf course community in Virginia Beach offers a country club lifestyle with many homes overlooking the local golf course or nearby waterways.

Great Neck Point: A prestigious neighborhood featuring magnificent waterfront property located near the Lynnhaven River and many Virginia Beach homes in Greek Neck have direct access to the water. Please check out the current homes for sale in West Neck Virginia Beach Va!

Linkhorn Cove: Located just a short distance from the Virginia Beach oceanfront real estate, this area offers a mix of newer constructions, or look for a luxurious renovated home situated on the water.

Bay Colony: This established neighborhood features sprawling estates, some dating back to the 1920s, nestled among mature trees and large lots. Some of the most expensive homes in Virginia Beach are in Bay Colony.

Ashville Park: This newer community boasts luxury real estate in Virginia Beach with modern amenities, and residents enjoy access to community pools, a clubhouse, and walking trails.

Birdneck Point: Located on the Lynnhaven Inlet, homes in this neighborhood often come with beautiful water views and access to the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club.

Shadowlawn Heights: Known for its coastal charm, this neighborhood offers luxury condos for sale in Virginia Beach with easy access to Rudee Inlet and the boardwalk.

North End Virginia Beach: A desirable location known for its quiet, coastal lifestyle with a residential feel and proximity to the oceanfront. You will love the feeling of owning one of the extraordinary north end residence. Check out the current homes for sale in North End Virginia Beach.

Croatan: Just south of the resort strip in a prime location, this neighborhood offers virginia beach luxury homes with a variety of high-end homes, many with ocean or lake views.

Also, check out the current homes for sale in Cypress Point Virginia Beach!

Benefits of Investing in Luxury Homes for Sale Virginia Beach VA

Investing in a luxury home in Virginia Beach comes with a multitude of benefits that make it an attractive proposition for many. Here are some key advantages:

Property Appreciation: Luxury homes in Va Beach often appreciate in value over time, potentially providing you with a significant return on your Virginia Beach real estate market investment.

Rental Income: Depending on local regulations, you might have the opportunity to rent out your luxury home as a vacation rental. Given Virginia Beach’s status as a popular tourist destination, this could provide a substantial income stream as people are always searching for Virginia Beach mansion rentals in the summer.

Lifestyle Advantages: Owning a luxury home in Virginia Beach offers a high quality of life, with easy access to beautiful beaches, gourmet dining, upscale shopping, and a variety of outdoor activities.

Water Access: Many luxury homes in Virginia Beach are located on or near the water, providing opportunities for boating, fishing, and other water activities. Waterfront properties also tend to retain their value well and can offer higher potential returns.

a beautiful virginia beach luxury home with water access

Privacy and Exclusivity: Luxury homes in often offer more privacy than standard homes, with larger lots, gated entrances, and features designed to ensure a quiet, peaceful living environment.

High-End Amenities: Luxury homes typically come with high-end amenities, such as gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, smart home technology, and outdoor living spaces with pools and landscaping.

Strong Market: The market for Virginia Beach va homes has shown strong growth and resilience, making it a safe and profitable investment arena.

Diversification: Real estate can serve as a valuable diversification tool within your broader investment portfolio.

Cost of Luxury Homes The cost of a luxury home in Virginia Beach can vary greatly based on several factors, such as location, size, amenities, and the current state of the housing market. Luxury homes in Virginia Beach VA range from around $1 million to over $5 million.

Understanding the Cost and Financing Options for Virginia Beach Luxury Homes

When it comes to financing Virginia luxury homes, there are several options:

Conventional Mortgages: These are standard home loans not insured by a government agency. They are ideal for buyers with good credit, a stable income, and the ability to make a substantial down payment.

Jumbo Loans: These are non-conforming loans that exceed the borrowing limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which as of 2021 is $548,250 for most areas but can be higher in high-cost areas. Jumbo loans are common for luxury homes because of their higher price tags. These loans typically require a larger down payment and excellent credit.

Portfolio Loans: These are mortgages that lenders keep on their own books rather than selling on the secondary market. Because the lender sets their own rules for these loans, they may offer more flexibility on terms and qualifications.

Cash Purchase: Some luxury buyers opt to pay cash for their property, eliminating the need for a mortgage. This can simplify the buying process and make the buyer more attractive in competitive markets.

What is the most expensive house in VA Beach?

The most expensive house in VA Beach ever sold was 1501 Oak Hill Court inside of the Linkhorn Bay neighborhood. With 10,835 square feet, 7 bedrooms, and 3.7-acre land on the peninsula it is one of Virginia Beaches’ most luxurious homes. The asking price originally was $11.8 million but closed around $9.5 million, making it Virginia Beaches’ most expensive house ever sold.

Is Virginia Beach a wealthy area?

Virginia Beach is a wealthy area, it is home to a number of luxurious neighborhoods with a higher median income compared to many other cities in the United States. Certain areas, such as the North End neighborhood and the Oceanfront area, are particularly wealthy with very high property values. Virginia Beach has also been recognized for its economic prosperity and workplace opportunities.

What is the most expensive part of Virginia Beach?

The most expensive part of Virginia Beach includes Linkhorn Park, Bay Colony, North Virginia Beach, The North End, and Great Neck Point. All of these neighborhoods have luxury homes and the medium income is much higher than the other neighborhoods in Virginia Beach.

Where is the best place to live in Virginia Beach?

The best place to live in Virginia Beach is along the Atlantic Ocean if you want the expansive views. There are plenty of Virginia Beach neighborhoods with luxury living. Other best places to live in Virginia Beach are Great Neck, Kempsville, Alanton, Throughood, and Seatack.