two beautiful beach houses for sale in sandbridge VA. they are both built right on the sandy dunes

The Perfect Local’s Beach + Houses for Sale in Sandbridge VA 2023

Sandbridge is one of the most popular beaches in Virginia Beach. It is more like an island than a neighborhood with only one road in and one road out. You will find plenty of beautiful beach houses for sale in Sandbridge VA!

One of the reasons Sandbridge Beach VA real estate is so popular is because there are homes that meet every type of homeowner’s budget. From small beach bungalows and condos to epic 4-story Sandbridge beach real estate, this popular area in Virginia Beach has it all!

Act now if you are thinking about making the move and purchasing one of the homes for sale in Sandbridge Beach, in 2025 the city is making a new road extension from Nimmo Parkway to Sandpiper RD. This will cut your drive time in half to reach Sandbridge from the popular Red Mill area.

Houses for Sale in Sandbridge VA

What Makes Living in Sandbridge So Special

Sandbridge is perfectly located between two bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean and Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. Not only does this make the landscape incredibly beautiful it also adds an extra layer of privacy and seclusion.

Since the houses for sale in Sandbridge VA are mostly on the water, you could have your own private piece of paradise.

And unlike the VB Oceanfront, there are no high-rise hotels blocking your view of the waves. Residents and visitors love the intimate feeling during both the peak and off seasons.

If that’s not enough there is also there are also beautiful state parks, playgrounds for the kids, and some of the best waves in VB.

Real Estate Sandbridge VA Market Overview

The Sandbridge real estate market is strong and very competitive. The median sale price of the houses for sale in Sandbridge VA Beach was $975K, with an uptick of 23.8% since last year.

Since it is such a hot housing market the average Sandbridge house usually sells at the asking price and only stays on the market for about 25 days. There are not many Virginia Beach open houses in the Sandbridge area.

At Griffin Realty we always stay on top of the trends and the Sandbridge Beach homes for sale are some of our favorite houses to tour. Call us today for a consultation or if you are thinking about selling your Virginia Beach House or you are looking for real estate in Sandbridge VA.

Lifestyle & Attractions in Sandbridge

One of the best things about living in Sandbridge is the lifestyle and attractions. The busy season is from May to September. This is when the sun is shining, the beaches are full, and Sandbridge really comes to life.

Little Island Park– To find the Little Island Park you drive south all the way down Sandpiper RD until you see the two big parking lots on the left. Besides the beautiful beach, there is also a big bathhouse, a fishing pier, two playgrounds, and a covered picnic area with charcoal grills. To reserve the picnic area of Little Island head to the official VB city website to reserve your spot.

Back Bay Wildlife Refuge– Next up is the beautiful Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. This is one of the most beautiful areas in Virginia Beach. It is a quiet nature preserve with walking trails and a private beach. The trails are clearly marked and easy to navigate.

The prettiest trail is the dune trail down to the beach with a white dune view. Please keep in mind that some swimming and sunbathing are a view of the things prohibited here. From the parking lot to the beach there is a paved trail for wheelchairs or folks having issues walking on the soft sand.

There are no houses for sale in Sandbridge VA here, it is all beach and natural area.

False Cape State Park– False Cape is a local favorite to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can’t get into False Cape by car, only on foot or by bike. It’s recommended to ride a bike, because from the parking lot it is 3.5 miles to the entrance of False Cape and a 10-mile bike ride to the primitive campground.

Along the way, there is plenty of shade, but make sure to pack bug spray! You can visit False Cape State Park from April to November, so plan accordingly.

Where the Locals Eat Sandbridge

If you are looking for Sandbridge Beach property for sale, you need to know where the locals eat! She crab soup, freshly caught fish, steamed shrimp, oysters, and mussels are always on the menus. BBQ platters are also a staple in most of the restaurants in Sandbridge.

Margie & Rays Crabhouse is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in all of VB. You might not even notice this small, rustic crab shack as you drive to the beach. They have been a staple in the area since 1964, and haven’t changed a thing since! Their award-winning she-crab soup is delicious any time of the year.

a plate of seafood at one of the best restaurants in Sandbridge VA Margie & Rays. This is a locals favorite to eat when looking at the houses for sale in sandbridge VA

Baja Restaurant is where to be when the sun is setting. This beautiful seaside restaurant looks right over the Back Bay Refuge and serves up the freshest dishes. You can grab a seat inside during the winter, but the outback patio seating is where the weather is right.

During the weekend enjoy local live music while you dine on the best surf ’n’ turf and cocktails. Baja is also known for its fish tacos! Yum!

Sandbridge Island Restaurant is an old-school seafood diner-vibe place that serves ice-cold brews. It makes for a perfect lunch break during your beach days. Try homemade pasta, fresh seafood, salads, delicious pizza, and even desserts. Grab a seat on the outside patio, or head inside to enjoy the ac.

Sandbridge Oceanfront Condos for Sale

Live the salt life for an affordable price with one of the oceanfront condos for sale in Sandbridge VA. There are not many condo complexes in the area so when the Sandbridge Beach condos are for sale you should act fast!

Oceanfront Homes for Sale Sandbridge VA

Almost all of the houses for sale in Sandbridge VA have waterfront views, but there are a few side roads where they don’t. Griffin Realty will navigate the Sandbridge Virginia Beach luxury homes and find you one of the best Sandbridge oceanfront homes for sale that fits all of your family’s needs.

Houses for Sale Near Sandbridge VA

There are plenty of communities in VB around Sandbridge Beach with property for sale.

Redmill, LagoMar, Dam Neck, Ocean Lakes, and Pungo are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Virginia Beach with houses for sale Near Sandbridge VA. These neighborhoods are wonderful places to raise your family while still being super close to the beach.

Back Bay Waterfront Homes for Sale Sandbridge va

Living on the bay in Sandbridge is a special kind of life. The water is calm and the sunsets are always magical. Here is a list of the Back Bay Sandbridge houses for sale. Take a look through and then give us a call when you find one you love.

Sandbridge Sanctuary Condos for Sale

One of the best places to live is at one of the Sanctuary condos for sale in Sandbridge Va. These are the brightly colored condos you see from Little Island. Living here has the best of both worlds, with the maintenance taken care of and a beautiful view from your windows.

For amenities, there is an outdoor pool area with a swim-up bar! These Sandbridge condos for sale, don’t last long, so let’s take a look today!

Sandbridge Beach Houses for Sale

Take a look at the beach houses for sale in Sandbridge VA. This includes all of the Sandbridge VA homes for sale, seaside, inland, and at all price ranges.

Now that you know a little bit more about the Sandbridge real estate for sale you can make an informed decision, and of course Griffin Realty is here to help you every step of the way.

Is Sandbridge Beach Safe to Swim in?

Yes! Sandbridge Beach is safe to swim in. From Memorial Day to Labor Day there are trained lifeguards on the shore scattered every few feet to keep everyone safe. Virginia Beach has a colored flag system so visitors know what the tides are like.

Red flags are flying when the water is the roughest, yellow means be cautious, and green means it’s not rough at all. Sandbrige is a popular area for surfers in VB, and they usually head to the narrows or near the Sandbridge Pier.

How many people live in Sandbridge Virginia?

There are about 60,000 residents living in Sandbridge VA. Families, retirees, young professionals, and surf bums make up this vibrant community. More than half of the real estate in Sandbridge VA is lived in year-round, but the summer months are when this community really thrives.

If you are looking for a nice quiet beach town, then one of these homes for sale in Sandbridge VA would be perfect for you.

two surfers hitting the waves out in Sandbridge VA. they are holding their boards over their heads

What is the closest airport to Sandbridge VA?

The closest airport to Sandbridge is the Norfolk International Airport (ORF). It takes approximately 35 minutes to drive from Norfolk Airport to Sandbridge Beach. The drive from Norfolk to Sandbridge VA is mostly highway after you get out of the Sandbridge/Princess Anne area.

How far is the Boardwalk from Sandbridge?

The Boardwalk is about 15 miles away from Sandbridge. Although both of these Virginia Beach beaches are popular, they have very different vibes. The oceanfront has hundreds of restaurants, bars, luxury hotels, and epic nightlife. While Sandbridge VA is more laid back with an island vibe a tight-knit community and just a few stores.

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