a big brick homes for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach Va with a big blue sky and white clouds and beautiful green grass

Homes for Sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach VA | 2024 Update

If you’re considering buying one of the homes for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach VA, you’re in the right place. Griffin Realty is one of the best real estate agencies in Virginia Beach VA, and we are here to help you find your dream home.

We run one of the best real estate blogs, and we are always here to guide you through the unique charm of Thoroughgood, what to look for in its new homes, and the benefits or downfalls of buying directly from owners.

Get ready to uncover the secrets of owning the virginia beach homes in this desirable neighborhood! You’re on your first steps toward finding your perfect home.

a big brown brick house in the Thoroughgood Neighborhood in Virginia Beach VA. there is a big yard with lots of flowers in the garden.

Listings of the Houses for Sale Thoroughgood Virginia Beach

Here are new listings for Throughgood Virginia Beach, please give us a call or save a few and start a profile, and we will be in touch! You will not find many houses for rent in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach, owners love the neighborhood!

Waterfront Homes for Sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach VA

The current Virginia Beach housing market offers a variety of waterfront homes in Thoroughgood. From cozy, intimate houses perfect for small families or couples, to expansive estates that are ideal for those seeking more space or looking to entertain.

Many of these properties boast features such as panoramic water views, lush landscaping, and quick access to the beach. With prices ranging from affordable to the more extravagant with sqft, there is a home to suit every budget.

VA Beach waterfront homes for sale

a big lot for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach Va. this house for sale has a big lot with green grass and plenty of trees around

Homes for sale Thoroughgood estates in Virginia Beach

New Homes for Sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach VA

When looking to buy a new home in Thoroughgood, Virginia Beach, VA, there are several factors to consider that can significantly impact your new home. These are good to know if you are a first time home buyer in Virginia or a seasoned vet!

  • First, be sure to consider the property’s location within Thoroughgood. Look for homes that offer the best views. You can find waterfront views and pretty green landscapes.
  • Access to local amenities such as shops, restaurants, parks, and schools should also factor into your decision!
  • Next, pay attention to the layout and design of the home. New homes in Thoroughgood will always come with modern designs and high-quality finishes.
  • Check for open floor plans, spacious rooms, and ample natural light, which are all desirable features in today’s market. Energy efficiency is another key factor.
  • The size of the lot is a very important aspect.
  • Lastly, consider your new home’s potential for resale. Think number of beds and baths, the size of the kitchen and bathrooms!

For the best decision work with a local Realtor in Virginia Beach VA. We are familiar with Thoroughgood and its ever-changing real estate market.

a new construction home for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach VA. This house is on the sticks with piles of bricks all around.

Are home prices dropping in Virginia Beach?

a big beautiful home for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach Va. this is a big brick house with green ferns and a beautiful blue sky in the back round

No, home prices in Virginia Beach are not dropping. Recent data shows, the median sale price of homes has seen an increase. It has been up 7.6% compared to the previous year. The trend suggests that home values in Virginia Beach are still rising.

What are the cons of living in Virginia Beach?

a safe neighborhood in Virginia Beach with court and big beautiful houses

The cons of living in Virginia bach are the it can be a bit crowded during rush hour. But, Virginia Beach has many perk. Because Virginia Beach popularity as a tourist spot on the east coast can lead to overcrowding, particularly during the summer.
It’s also one of the biggest military hubs! Along with a high cost of living, elevated rent and home prices. And the lst con about living in Virginia beach is that it can prone to hurricanes and tropical storms.

Homes for Sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach by Owner

When it comes to finding a new home, buying directly from the owner can be a unique, but challenging opportunity. It will allow you to communicate directly with those who know the property best, which often leads to overpricing.

Homes for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach by owner often have a distinctive charm, as they reflect the care and love the owners have put into them.

However, buying a home directly from the owner can limit your room for negotiation. Without a Virginia Beach real estate agent, the owner may not be willing to negotiate the price, closing date, or other terms of the sale. When hiring an agent you get their years of knowledge, and guidance to make the best possible decisions for you, not the current homeowner.

Looking to Sell your home too?

We love helping you sell your home in Virginia Beach!

a big beautiful home for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach Va. this is a big brick house with green ferns and a beautiful blue sky in the back round

Homes for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach VA by Owner

If you go this route, it’s important to remember that buying a home is always a significant investment. Even when purchasing directly from the owner, do your due diligence. Get the house inspected, research the property’s history, and hire a lawyer to file the paperwork.

In Thoroughgood, Virginia Beach, VA, you’ll find a variety of homes for sale by owner. Whether you’re looking for a cozy family home or a luxury retreat, this charming neighborhood in VB has something to offer. Take the time to explore these homes for sale and discover the perfect house for you.

Waterfront homes for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach by Owner

If you can’t find a house for sale in Thoroughgood Virginia Beach on the waterfront, there are other options nearby. Check out a local’s favorite neighborhood the Chics Beach homes for sale. These homes range from duplexs to brand-new beach homes.

Other neighborhoods in Virginia Beach with waterfront properties:

FAQ About Living in Thoroughgood Neighborhood in Virginia Beach

This desirable area in VB is between Chicks Beach and the Lynnhaven River. It is known for its tree-lined streets, beautiful brick homes, and friendly community vibe.

Education is a key aspect of life in Thoroughgood. The Throughgood neighborhood has some of the top-rated public schools in Virginia Beach.

These include Thoroughgood Elementary School, Independence Middle School, and Frank W. Cox High School. All of these schools have academic excellence and a dedicated staff.

When it comes to restaurants near Thoroughgood you will spoiled for choice!

For seafood, Chick’s Oyster Bar has a waterfront view and a very local vibe. If are craving Italian, you can’t miss the delicious offerings at Zia Marie. And for a casual but delicious breakfast, head over to Citrus Breakfast famous for its pancakes and brunch mimosas.

One of the highlights of living in Thoroughgood is the historical story. The neighborhood is home to the Adam Thoroughgood House Virginia Beach. Which is one of the oldest surviving colonial homes in America. This historical Virginia museum offers a glimpse into VA Beach’s past and is a popular spot for local field trips and lazy afternoon tours.

the old Adam thoroughgood house in virginia beach va with a white shed and chair out front. this is one of the best museums in Virginia beach to visit

The neighborhood also has plenty of parks and recreational areas for the kids. The nearby Bayside Recreation Center has outdoor fields, indoor courts, a swimming pool, and a gym. For the hikers out there, Pleasure House Point Natural Area offers trails and stunning views of the Lynnhaven River!

Living in Thoroughgood offers the perfect blend of suburban peace and city convenience. With its high-end homes, excellent public schools, and excellent amenities, it’s no wonder that Thoroughgood ranks among the best neighborhoods in Virginia Beach.

Other cities to Consider when Looking for Houses for Sale VA Beach

Don’t limit your dream home search to just Virginia Beach in Thoroughgood! Expand your search and consider the charming cities of Chesapeake and Norfolk. With diverse neighborhoods, rich history, and a vibrant community life, these cities offer enticing alternatives when looking for houses for sale in Virginia.